EED 425 Week 2 Team – Lesson Plans

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EED 425 Week 2 Team – Lesson Plans
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EED 425 Week 2 Team – Lesson Plans

Prepare two elementary-level lesson plans: one that integrates health content with an academic content area, and one that integrates physical education content with an academic content area. The grade level should be the same for both lessons.

Select one of the following health content areas:

  • Bullying
  • Mental health
  • Personal health
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Disease control
  • Nutrition
  • Safety and violence prevention
  • Consumer health
  • Environmental health

Create an appropriate assessment for each lesson plan to check student learning. Examples include: presentations, projects, performances, portfolios, quizzes or exams, checklists, or written assessments.

Align the assessments with the objectives and outcomes that you select for these lessons.

Include a copy of the assessments with your lesson plans.

Prepare a 6-slide presentation to share with the class.

Include the following:

  • Grade level
  • Lesson plan integrating health
  • Lesson plan integrating physical education
  • State or national academic standards addressed
  • Assessments
  • Research to support the educational decisions you made, such as instructional methods, curriculum models, and assessment practices

Submit the assignment.